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Our Mission

God’s Mission…Our Mission

Missions has been the heartbeat of Southwest Baptist Church throughout its history. Prior to founding Southwest Baptist Church, Pastor J. Oscar Wells served as a missionary to China during the years following World War II. Former and long-time Pastor, Bert Harrison, made several mission trips around the world and aggressively promoted missions at home. Missions giving exceeded one million dollars per year under the leadership of Pastor Emeritus Sam Davison. The members of Southwest Baptist Church have hosted missionaries in their homes, participated in mission trips, and have faithfully given to missions for many years. The annual Faith Promise Missions Conference continues to be a favorite week during our calendar year.

Missions is so important to Southwest Baptist Church because it is so important to God. Missions is God’s mission. God is on a mission to take the gospel to every person for His name’s sake (Rom. 1:5). His name is to receive global recognition and praise (Psalm 113:3). Through the work of the church, God is assembling a people for His name (Acts 15:14).The day is coming in which all the redeemed from every nation will worship and praise the Lord (Rev. 5:9). Therefore, we serve to advance God’s mission.
A brief survey of our world indicates that a vast majority of the world does not have access to the gospel. Nearly 6,900 people groups are considered “unreached.” Many of these people groups are located in the most populous, yet least evangelized areas of the world.

Over 40% of the seven billion people that inhabit the planet are living and dying without the gospel.

It is our God-given mission to take the name of our wonderful Savior to every person. This is why our mission statement reads, “The mission of Southwest Baptist Church is to honor God and help people by going across the street and around the world with the gospel.” His mission is our mission.
As you browse this section of our website, we hope that you are challenged to embrace God’s mission as the mission of your life. His global purpose should be the overriding purpose of your life. Use the website as a tool to pray for the least evangelized areas of the world (Matt. 9:37-38). Become familiar with the missionaries sent and supported by Southwest Baptist Church. Take advantage of the available resources to encourage missionaries.
We have this window of opportunity to fulfill God’s mission in this generation. Join Him in His mission.