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Single Adults

College and Career Department – John & Grace Lande
Our College and Career department is divided into three classes. The Heartland Singles Class is for all single Heartland Baptist Bible College students.




The Crossbearers Class is for young singles that are either in post-high school education or beginning their career in the working world. The focus is to prepare these young adults for their future and for a marriage relationship. This class is taught by Brad Couser.




The Pathfinders Class is designed for young singles who have completed their college experience or are working in their career. The Pathfinders is taught by Jason Spivey.

The intent of this department is to build biblical spiritual foundations that will last through the hardest of times. Once the spiritual foundations are laid, spiritual growth can occur. Casual Christianity now, and in the future will not hold up. We need, like the wise man, to build our foundation upon the Rock, Jesus Christ.