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Outreach Ministry

Operation Saturation
This is a church-wide canvasing of our city. Buses are sent out with teams of “door-knockers” and “soul-winners.” Our goal is to knock on every door in the Oklahoma City area at least once per year.

Operation Andrew
This is our Sunday school visitation program. We meet for dinner at 5:30 pm on Tuesdays, coordinate information concerning visits that need to be made, pray and “head out to be a blessing.” We focus on Sunday school prospects, visitors, and absentees.

Retirement Center Services
Absent from the main services, but never forgotten; our long-time saints are ministered to through this ministry. Each Thursday evening we bring the services to them: singing, praying, fellowshipping, and most of all preaching. We hold services in Senior Centers, Retirement Homes, and we also reach out to our shut-ins.

Bring Them In
This was designed to be a help to our bus routes and captains. Groups are sent out to help bus routes canvas within their areas. They search for prospective bus riders of any age. These “special teams” knock doors, pass out flyers, and recruit new bus riders to become a part of our bus family.

Neighborhood Bible Time
This community outreach program is designed for children, and focuses on introducing communities to our children’s ministries. The entire program rotates around the Neighborhood Bible Time Bus. This bus is painted in a children’s theme inside and out with carpeting and a built in puppet stage inside the bus. The program begins in the morning with door-knocking and passing out flyers inviting everyone to come to the Neighborhood Bible Time. We break for lunch and return to the area for more door-knocking. That afternoon we set up and begin the NBT services at the designated time. During the NBT service we will have Bible lessons, puppet skits, and the plan of salvation given from inside the NBT Bus. The NBT obviously can contain a small group of people, so the NBT services may need to be conducted several times that afternoon. While the NBT services are being conducted inside the Bus, activities are going on outside. These activities include games, snack time, and talking to children and parents, introducing them to NBT and Southwest Baptist Church. At the conclusion of NBT, all who attend are encouraged to visit SWBC, and then all the prospects are forwarded to the Bus Captain who captains the route in that area.